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5 Tips for Organising your Wardrobe

1. Use That Top Shelf
Our wardrobe interiors can come with a top shelf that runs the length of the wardrobe as standard. This is the perfect space for tucking away the clothes that you won’t need to wear this Spring, hopefully! Where space is at a premium this can also be a handy place to store away bedding and duvets when they are out of use, vacuum packing means even bulky items can be stored here.


2. Divide and Conquer
A cluttered wardrobe can be overwhelming especially if you find yourself pushed for time! A great way to take the stress out of dressing is to divide your clothing into sections and labelling them appropriately. Creating defined sections in your wardrobe for ‘Work Wear’, ‘Loungers’ and ‘Going Out Clothes’ can be a great way to save time and make it much easier when it comes to putting clothes away.


3. Find the Right Hanger for the Job
Are your drawers struggling under the strain of the scarves and shoes that you have tried to store away? Clear them out by investing in some item specific hangers, there are all sorts on the market even ones designed to store flip flops!


4. Be Ruthless!
We are all guilty of hanging on to things for far too long, whether it’s your favourite jeans that no longer fit or a thread bare t-shirt that’s seen better days it might be time to make the cut. Research shows that on average we wear only 20% of the contents of our wardrobe on a daily basis, this means a whopping 80% of space is taken up by things we don’t actually need. Spring Cleaning is a good time to give your wardrobe a complete overhaul and ask yourself the question, do I need this? The chances are if it hasn’t been worn it in the last year then it won’t be missed. By evaluating what is in your wardrobe and getting rid of the clothes you no longer wear you can free up a lot of space. You can even donate your clothes to charity too for that added feel good factor.


5. Use the floor space!
If you have space under your hanging clothes, why not use the floor space? You can store suitcases, boxes of shoes and so much more by using the floor space available.

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