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Step 1 Enter Your Dimensions

Max {{ globals.wardrobe_limits.max_width }}mm

Min {{ globals.wardrobe_limits.min_height }}mm Max {{ globals.wardrobe_limits.max_height }}mm

Step 2 Select the number of doors

{{data.number_of_doors}} x doors at {{Number((data.wardrobe_size.width / data.number_of_doors).toFixed(2))}}mm

Step 3 Select a frame style

Step 4 Select the Position

Step 5 Select Door Design

Select each door design

Step 6 Select Frame Finish

Step 7 Select Panel Colour/Finish

Please select your colour and then press on the door / panel you require this in

Step 8 How many door liners do you require?

Step 9 Do you need end panels?

Step 10 (optional) Select end panel finish

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Your Choices

Before processing your enquiry below, please take a moment to review your choices and ensure they are correct. Once you have checked all your selections, please continue to scroll down to add your details and submit your enquiry so we can get an estimate to you over email.

  • Dimensions

    {{data.wardrobe_size.width}}mm x {{data.wardrobe_size.height}}mm
  • Number of Doors

    {{data.number_of_doors}} x {{Number((data.wardrobe_size.width / data.number_of_doors).toFixed(2))}}mm each
  • Position

  • Door Design

    {{ data.frame_style }}
  • Frame Finish

  • Panel Finishes

  • Door Liners

  • End Panels

  • End Panel Finishes

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