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What to choose when purchasing your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

The first thing that all customers are most excited about when visiting our website is what colours to choose! These wardrobes are going to be in your home for a long time so we are here to help to make the right decision to suit your needs best. The choices vary from mirror, wood and coloured glass options with a wide range of frame choices too. This blog will help you explore the benefits of choosing a sliding doors for your wardrobe.


Lets talk practical!

The practicality of a wardrobe includes a combo of hanging and shelving, doors that match you room along with a mirror to use to its full potential when choosing outfits to wear in one easy use space! By adding a full length mirror to your wardrobe you are able to move this to give you more space Infront of the mirror and is a great option if you are sharing a wardrobe.


Making more space…

Going for the option of sliding doors isn’t just great for the internal space, but also for the external area around the room. Sliding doors do not need extra space to open the doors unlike hinged doors. They give you easy access to your storage without feeling like you are squeezing around the bottom of your bed and your wardrobe and allows freedom in front of your mirror whilst browsing your clothes and getting ready.


What are advantages of mirror sliding doors?

We all know that sliding doors give you more space for functionally, but by adding a mirror to your wardrobe doors it can create a feeling of more open space created by the reflection which extends your room and causes bouncing light. They are also a great option if you are not wanting to add another colour onto the wardrobe, as mirror will always go with your interior of your décor!


The choices are endless!

We have spoken a lot about mirror and the advantages of this, however sometimes we don’t want mirror in our bedrooms! We also offer a huge range of coloured glass options that still give you a reflective feel to the wardrobes, or alternatively an even bigger range of wood colours that you can mix and match with different panels in your doors.


We offer bespoke wardrobes to fit any space in your home.

Bedroom Image offer a huge range of made to measure sliding wardrobes, you can view the range online on our website or our online brochure.

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